A wild North American Elk (Cervus canadensis c...

What is with wild food?  You are bound to have noticed the increase in this term throughout the news and health world.  “Wild-caught” fish and seafood.  Free range animals.  Ranging on grass, etc.  What is this all about?  A long time ago all we ate was “wild” food.  Today, most people eat super-industrialized, farmed crap.  These animals in giant feed lots are not fed what they are supposed to eat.  They get doses of junk with a side of chemicals.  They don’t seem to live a very comfortable or happy life either.  So what does this yield?  Meat that is not really meant for anybody to eat.  Let’s take a lesson from the history books a little bit here.

PRESENT DAY:  Most animals processed in feed-lots, fed steroids, antibiotics, GMO Grains, little fresh air/sunlight, unhappy, etc.  All the gunk ends up in the meat.  My chiropractor told me some rancher said he puts gummy bears in his feed.  GUMMY BEARS!

AGRICULTURE/DOMESTICATION:  Somewhere along the lines humans realized that there was indeed a benefit of domesticating animals.  Some common animals that were domesticated were cattle, sheep, chickens, goats, and pigs.  These animals were used for food, milk, and work.  They were fed natural diets as they had none of this new-age stuff to throw into the feed rotations.  Fish were usually wild-caught as they didn’t have the machinery and equipment to massively harvest these things in fisheries.  Keep in mind that hunter-gatherer and more tribal societies still ate a lot of wild-caught meat during this period.

ANCIENT DAY:  Before domestication everything was wild-caught or hunted.  The more I learn about ancient cultures the more I realize how little variety of food we truly eat (especially in America).  What meat do most of us eat?  Chicken, pork, beef, turkey?  That’s about it right?  I recently got a Native American cookbook that shows some of the food they used to eat.  Included are things like ELK, BISON, VENISON, BEAR, RABBIT, DUCK, PHEASANT, etc.  Fish may include TROUT, BASS, SALMON, etc.  Everything in this day and age was hunted fresh from the field or bodies of water.  These animals were usually leaner and had more vital energy from running around in the wild all day.

So what is the moral here?  Personally, I have nothing against domesticated animals.  I think we have been using them for a long time for a reason.  They provide a lot of food and companionship.  As long as the animal is as close to purebred as possible.  I would start messing around with more wild-foods though in general.  We eat a lot of sardines here.  Wild-caught salmon as well.  We just added elk and bison to the mix.  So figure out what works for you.  If you ancestors came from areas where domesticated animals have been used for food for a long time; go for it.  If your ancestors ate a lot of wild game; go for it too.  The main thing is to get out of the feed-lot crap and get back to the way things used to be done.  This is better for humans, animals, and the planet.



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