Supporting VS. Treating?


Supporting vs. Treating.  What comes to mind?

This would appear to be a topic in “Health Land” that doesn’t always receive the attention it deserves.  First let’s go over what I mean here.  Keep in mind that what can be supportive for one person may be a treatment for another.  Reflexology falls into this category.  It also depends on the seasons and activities a person is currently engaging in.  If you are doing something BIG like a “liver flush” it may be wise to drop most of your other treatments for a while =)

SUPPORTING:  These are things that gently support the body, mind, or spirit.  These are things that ALLOW your own body to heal itself in the way that it sees fit.  Our bodies have infinite wisdom and know what to do and in what order.  Sometimes this is frustrating as we all want to “heal” as quickly as possible.  What are some things that would fall in this category?

SUPPORTING THERAPIES:  Sleep, mild exercise, naps, rest, mild qigong/tai-chi.  A clean, easily digestible, high nutrient diet.  Laughter and Joy.  LOVE.  Light massages.  Gentle Prayer.  Having fun with family members.  Doing things you love doing. Oh, and more sleep =)  These are basically the “feel good” therapies.  They help ease your body, mind, and spirit.  They allow your body to work on whatever it feels the need to work on.  The more relaxed and at peace we are, the better it can do this work.

TREATING:  These are things that treat the body, mind, or spirit.  These can be very gentle treatments or very harsh treatments.  They are designed to gently or not so gently “coax” the body into doing what we want it to do; namely heal.  Sometimes treatments remove serious blockages in the body that then ALLOW the body to better do its own job.

TREATMENT THERAPIES:  These include things such as fasting, taking herbs, going on “cleansing diets,” enemas, a lot of supplements, etc.  This also includes energetic work such as psychotherapy, , emotional release work, shamanic work, resolving conflicts with God and your family, and many other metaphysical techniques.  Treatments are things that are not always as much fun as things in the “supportive category.”

So what is the verdict here?  Which should we do?  What should we follow?  I am not a doctor, but I believe that each person needs to find their own treatment program.  Generally speaking, I believe that healing is about removing blockages in the body followed by supporting the body and allowing it to do “it’s thing.”  However, it is up to us to figure out WHAT and WHERE those blockages are.  If it were so easy to do this, we would not have so many people struggling with health challenges.  In general, looking for the ROOT causes is usually the best way to spend your time.  This may include some form of treatment as a lot of us have unconscious resistance to healing on some level.  If we lived in FULL accordance with God and Nature we would not need many treatments but we are humans.  We do not always live in accordance with God or Nature.  In fact, many of us live pretty far off that block.  So basically, we need to support our bodies with a lot of Love and Life.  We need to figure out where our blockages are whether they are physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.  There is such a thing as too much treating.  There is also such a thing of too much supporting without doing the “tough work” that lies in the realm of treatments.  It is up to us to figure out the balance of both that brings us into balance as individuals =)



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