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With so much information out there, it is very easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of health data.  We have thousands of different people jibber jabbering away on the right thing to do in ALL CASES!  This guy says NEVER eat animal products.  This guy says ONLY eat animal products.  We are humans.  We are not ALWAYS correct and it is frustrating that this mentality prevails.  Unfortunately, we are raised in America usually to think with our minds and not with our hearts or intuition.  This prevents a pretty big problem.  We are always looking for the best logical thing to do without always listening to what is working for US!  We come from different ancestry, lineages, etc.  We live in different locations and climates.  We have different jobs and activity levels.  Why in the world would we do everything the same way?  Ok, enough ranting for today.  This is a post on how to calm all of this down.  How to get set up with a healthy schedule that you can count on.  If you are analyzing your own program every day you will be miserable; trust me =)

BASICS FIRST:  These are the things that used to be no-brainers but today we need to be careful with.  What are the basics?  FRESH air, CLEAN water (not tap water), sunlight, grounding, going to bed on time, avoiding EMF, avoiding junk food, laughter, joy, LOVE, etc.  These are things that are natural for what a humans environment should look like.  These are things that become routine and then we don’t have to think about them much.

GOALS?:  Figure out and make a list of your own personal goals with your health.  This can be as small or as broad as you want.  It could be as simple as getting into better shape or dropping a few pounds.  It could be as complex as curing cancer or other serious disease “processes.”  It could have nothing to do with physical health and everything to do with spiritual or emotional health.  The point is to figure out your PERSONAL goals to separate yourself from what goals others may have.

PERSONALIZE:  Create a personalized program.  This can be done with a professional health practitioner, a natural health practitioner, etc.  It can be created by yourself if you are familiar with what you are doing.  For instance; if you are trying to clean out your liver, you may be eating a very cleansing diet, avoiding fried fatty foods, using herbs to aid in bile production, coffee enemas, etc.  The point at this step is to customize a program that you can STICK TO.

GIVE ROOM:  Give yourself a little bit of room.  Allow a small treat meal here and there.  Give yourself permission to miss a day, accomplish 99% instead of 100, etc.  If following a program stresses you out or makes you afraid of that 1% of the time you fall off the wagon; you are not going to accomplish as much.

LONG-TERM:  Think long-term here.  When creating your goals, try to avoid things that you will be doing for a week and stopping.  Things like crash diets, hardcore cleanses, etc.  Those may have their place at certain times but they shouldn’t be part of a long-term practice.  The whole point of this process is so that you can find a relatively simple, inexpensive, gentle program that is easy to stick to and that you can TRUST.

RE-EVALUATE:  Periodically reevaluate your program.  This does not mean daily or weekly =)  Maybe once a month or so check out what progress you have made.  Maybe it is time to change around your goals. Maybe you have accomplished your original goal and it is time to move on.  Perhaps it is a different season and you need to adjust the diet.  This phase is designed to figure out what is working and what isn’t.

Those are the basics guys.  It is always important to listen to your own intuition.  Especially when it comes to things like what we are eating, how much rest and exercise we need, etc.  Keeping things simple is a great way to mitigate stressful situations.  Health challenges create a lot of stress for people.  The last thing they need is some extremely complex protocol and trying to follow advice from every person out there with an opinion.  So let’s improve our lives by using healthy protocols and programs.



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