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Honestly, I’m tired of these things.  Ads, programs, etc.  LOSE FAT NOW!  LOSE 30 POUNDS IN A WEEK!  These things are ridiculous.  I guess I shouldn’t blame the ads or marketers though.  They are just giving us people what we “want.”  So what the heck is going on here?  Why do we see this stuff year after year?  Does it seem to be getting worse?  I don’t think our population has gotten much “thinner.”  Hopefully this trend will be reversing shortly.  It is not necessary to spend a good amount of money on something that doesn’t usually work.

There is no exercise program in the world that will keep you in shape AND healthy when you eat a junk food diet.  This is not a post on how to miraculously “lose fat.”  It is about the truth.  The true way to create a body that you want.  This means sacrificing a few things =)  So let’s look at the real way to lose fat and get in “shape.”

BASICS:  Make sure the lifestyle is a healthy one.  Plenty of fresh air, sunlight, grounding, sleep, rest, etc.  You know the routine.  Make sure there is love, laughter, and joy in your life as well.  A lack in any of these factors can cause junk food cravings as they are forms of nurturance that our bodies are designed to have.

FOOD:  This is the big one.  Cut out the “junk” food.  A lot of people do this calorie counting and meal planning, etc.  Maybe that works for some people.  But it isn’t necessary.  In reality our bodies are designed with beautifully crafted shut-off switches.  When we eat too many vegetables we get full.  When we have too much of a certain type of food; we lose our appetite for it and switch to something else.  Fried food, SUGAR, chemicals, pasteurized dairy, gluten, etc do not have shut-off switches.  Is it a coincidence these are in most processed foods?  They are addicting.  Focus on REAL FOOD!

EMOTIONS:  Make sure to resolve any conflicting mental states or emotions that may be lurking around.  This can involve conflicted relationship patterns, thought patterns that are unhealthy, etc.  Sometimes we FEED our emotional pain as well.

EXERCISE:  This is probably the LEAST important topic here but can still be mentioned.  In order to be healthy and fit our bodies need exercise.  They don’t need P90X, “Hardcore-abs,” or some other program.  Now if you are attempting to become an elite athlete; things change.  For the average person just trying to shed a few pounds, these are completely unnecessary.  So what is exercise?  Focus on mild exercise that you can stick to.  If that means walking for 20 minutes every day, great.  Personally, I find that mixing it up and varying your program is the best way to go.  Walk, stretch, do bodyweight exercises, mini-trampoline, biking, kayaking, hiking, weights, jogging, etc.  Try not to put all your focus in one area.  Create a program with some strengthening, stretching, and cardio fitness activities.

THAT’S IT! If we can follow these basic guidelines, we can achieve our fitness goals with ease.  The key thing is to stick to the program.  These crash diets just don’t seem to be working and it frustrates me to see them all over the TV and radio =)  So let’s drop the “hype” and get back to what is real.



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