Principle of STEP-by-STEP

Step Pyramid

Step Pyramid (Photo credit: Ed Yourdon)


Step by Step.  This applies to a lot of things in life.  Today, we are talking about health.  We live in a society that generally wants quick-fixes.  We want six-minute abs.  We want on-demand movies.  We want a lot of things.  It sometimes seems like we are not worth working for certain things any more.  These things may include our health, family relationships, mental/emotional health, spiritual health, etc.  These things are THE FOUNDATION of our lives.  If we do not have our health then we cannot build an efficient, happy life.  Health can always be rebuilt.  However, it often takes some serious dedication to achieve.  This does not mean hopping on a diet plan for a few weeks hoping to shed a few pounds.  It does not mean swallowing pills and drugs to “fix” the problem.  It often means a steady uphill climb.  It means changing the way we live our lives.  It also means changing our mindset.  The mindset of accomplishing certain things without effort.  It often means changing the way our family and friends perceive us.  Often it means changing the way WE see OURSELVES!  It also means undoing this “get everything done this minute” attitude.  Which brings us to the principle of “step-by-step.”  How do we work on our health step by step?  I have a few basic tips to help you put this principle into action.

1.  INVENTORY:  Take a good hard look at where you are currently.  We are usually so busy that we don’t always take the time to really BE with our bodies, minds, and souls.  Take a personal day and really take inventory of where you FEEL that you are right now.  This is often a very hard step.  It is especially hard if we have health challenges, have been ignoring our bodies for a long time, or have bad mental habits to break.  This is an inventory on all levels.  Where is your physical health?  How is your family life?  How is your spiritual life?  Do you have any traumas or repressed emotional conflicts that need resolution?  These questions will give you a good idea of what you could work on.

2.  BASICS:  I think I will repeat this stuff all the time, but it’s because it’s the most important stuff.  Implement the basics into your life.  Fresh air, clean spring water, whole-foods, sunshine, grounding, mild exercise, good sleep, rest, laughter, love, play, etc.  These things should be a part of your daily routine.  The most challenging of these is the food.  Sometimes it is important to figure out WHO you are and what food is right for you.  We are all different and require different stuff at different times.  Keys are focusing on real food and cutting out fried foods, pasteurized dairies, gluten, sugar, packaged stuff, etc.

3.  DEDICATION:  Do what it takes to improve in these areas.  Often times the biggest areas include family issues, spiritual issues, relationships, mental thought patterns and belief systems, etc.  It is hard to believe that that birthday cake is bad for us when our inner child was SO HAPPY eating it!  Fixing the lifestyle is of foremost importance.  However, sticking with the lifestyle choices may be a matter of fixing relationships with God, ourselves, our families and friends.

4.  ALLOW:  Here is the kicker.  Allow room for error.  Allow room to mess up.  Allow a cheat day on your diet.  The point is not to “ARRIVE” at health as quick as you can.  The point is to create a lifestyle that facilitates health.  There is no way to fake this stuff.  TRUE healing and health only come from one source.  That is God and nature.  When we live in accordance with these doctrines health and healing tend to occur on all levels.  The farther we separate ourselves from these principles; the worse off we tend to be.  My chiropractor has a sign up in his office that says “Healing is on God’s Time.”  I always loved this sign as it reminds us to allow the body to do what it was designed to do.  We don’t need to tell a cut on our arm to heal up.  We need to fuel ourselves properly and allow it to heal itself.  The same is true when we remove blockages to our own healing.

So in summary, health is a step-by-step game.  Don’t expect to achieve it overnight.  But know that there are people out there enjoying amazing health and vitality.  They are the people who work for it.  Or play for it; depending on how you look at it =)  The ironic thing is that the more we live in accordance to natural law, the more beautiful and elegant our lives seem to become.



3 thoughts on “Principle of STEP-by-STEP

  1. Joe–Your Uncle Marvin here. Just read your very intelligent and deeply satisfying article about life, health and living day to day, one step at a time. I agree whole heartedly and applaud your wisdom at such a young age. This will serve you well for the rest of your days. Fact is, we only have now and for this reason, every minute is special.

    My life has been a struggle from day one, but it has been rewarding, never the less. I no longer accept theology as being factual, so this leaves me in a minority. My “faith” is in myself as, ultimately, I am responsible for my life and the lives of many other people. It is up to me to make it from day to day as there is no magic which will rescure me if I make mistakes–which I do frequently.

    Nanette and I are in good health, thankfully. I still work like a field-hand and can do a day’s work with the best of younger bucks who work for me. My profession has been my love as the two are inseparable. For this, I give great thanks.

    Your dad keeps be abeast on you and Daniel. My thoughts are with you as you reach for those illusive goals in your life and continual physical strength. I have every confidence you will achieve greatness. Just how this may materialize is uncertain at this point. But, you have the strength of character to run the race and win.


    uncle marvin

    • Uncle Marvin,

      Thanks a lot for the kind words. I like the phrase “Trust in God but tie down your camel” =) I am very glad you enjoy your work and am always amazed when Dad shows me pictures of these beautiful instruments. Good to hear health is well with everyone. Thanks for the kind words,

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