Klondike Highway - Mountain


“I need to go outside and get some fresh air.”  


“This STALE indoor air is not ok for me right now.”

What happened here?  When did regular air become indoor air and fresh air become a thing of wonder.  People in big cities have no access to “fresh air.”  The air is very polluted.  Even in moderate sized cities this is the case.  What happened to the time when we called air “air.”  The air was ALWAYS fresh.  Can you imagine?  24 hours a day most humans were breathing in relatively fresh air.  This is amazing for the body and the mind.  If we could learn to imitate this is would be a good thing right?

Living in a city is going to bog you down no matter what but there are a few things we can all do regardless of where we live to help aid in breathing in quality air most of the time.

1.  Open the windows (especially cross-ventilation) for 5-10 minutes a few times a day.  This gets fresh air in and stale air out.  Do this even in the winter.  I know you can do it =)  You make the “fresh outside air” “fresh inside air.”

2.  Houseplants.  Houseplants help to detoxify our own air and produce fresh.  They also are good company and add life and color to any space.  

3.  Air purifier.  These are only really necessary if you live in a congested area or large city.  Opening the windows will not do much good if downtown traffic is blowing in your window.  I have never looked into these and they may be somewhat expensive but do yourself a favor and pick one up.  Think about it.  Air quality is something you are participating in 24 hours a day.  The better the air, the healthier you will be.

That’s it for today folks.  I think it’s a little batty that we have gotten to this point.  Fresh air?  It should be called AIR!  Let’s take back our air and utilize it like our ancestors did.



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