English: I smoke it first for about 7 minutes ...

Raw meat what?

Ok.  This gets a little graphic.  But is it really that graphic?  I am not here to advocate eating raw meat or try to persuade anybody of its pitfalls or benefits.  I would just like to bring up a few important things.

1.  All other carnivores eat their meat in a raw state.  This includes wild animals like lions and other cats, wolves, bears, birds of prey, and other carnivorous species.  They eat it fresh.  Many other species eat eggs as well.  Most likely in the raw form.  Now we are not carnivores.  We are omnivores.  I know some people will argue either way.  Vegans say we are ALL vegetable eaters.  Some people think we are ALL meat eaters.  Look at the history books guys.  We are omnivores.

2.  More and more studies are going to come out showing the dangers of high-heated and fried meats.  Personally, I think it is the fat mainly that is the problem.  Fried fat is just not made for the human organism.  Things like roasted nuts, pasteurized butters and cheeses, lunch meats, high-heated fried vegetable oils, etc.  

3.  For the pro-cooking side I would like to acknowledge that people in most cultures around the world cook some of their animal products.  I think the important thing to state here is HOW they achieve this.  Most cultures use ancient methods that lightly cook and soften otherwise tough meats usually without using direct heat.  Techniques like smoking, baking, clay pots, steaming, etc.  The meat is also not overcooked.  

What about the problems?  Well there is probably a reason that we don’t eat raw or rare meat too often in America.  Most of the animals people buy in supermarkets are sick and laced with God knows what.  Do you want to touch that raw?  I certainly don’t.  But what about some wild-caught salmon sashimi?  A raw egg in a smoothie?  Maybe some soft and tender rare lamb chops?  These are healthy foods for most people.  I believe that the more we figure out about health, the more we will come to accept these things as nourishing foods.  People in generations past did.  We will too one day. =)  I would love to hear opinions thoughts on the subject..



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