Emotional Release Series: Intro


Morning guys and gals.  

Over the next week or so I am going to be doing a short series on emotions and how to work with and release them.  These are mainly techniques on dislodging energetic issues from your system, working on yourself, and growing as a person.  Some of them are purely for expression of energy.  Some lead to more insights about yourself and your life.  Some of them are fun.  Some of them are not so much fun.  I believe that emotions and mental thought patterns are a huge factor in a lot of health challenges.  There will forever be arguments on what people eat.  I think it is great to delve into eating habits and have it be a goal to continuously improve, but where does the line stop?  When do you relax about it?  When do you work on something else?  Emotions can be just as big of a factor.  For a lot of people they can be THE BIGGEST FACTOR!  There are a lot of fancy techniques out there and things that work great as well.  Most of the ones I am going to be focusing on are things that you can do in the comfort of your own home, usually for little or no money.  What is required?  What is required is a willingness to feel vulnerable, to face the truth, the desire to grow, to face who you REALLY are, and often to change your viewpoint on who GOD is.  Sometimes it means learning to forgive others who hurt us.  Sometimes it means reframing things in a new light or with a different attitude.  Whatever it is, it usually requires TRUE introspection.  A lot of us are taught to PROJECT a certain persona or attitude about ourselves.  We learn so well to project this that we forget who we really are.  We forget that it is ok to be a human being.  We forget that it is ok to have fears, dreams, grief, and pain.  A lot of health comes down to one simple thing.  We are humans.  We tend to be healthy when we live like humans.  We tend to be unhealthy or get sick when we try to be something we are not.  This means eating things not designed for us, not sleeping as we need, not getting exercise or fresh air or sunlight.  It also means pretending that we are not deeply emotional and spiritual beings.  So what are the topics to be covered?  Topics may include JOURNALING, DRAWING/ART, MUSIC, EFT, INNER CHILD WORK, DANCING, EXERCISE/SPORTS, DREAMWORK, SPIRITUALITY, and more.  Each one of these is a giant topic in itself but I will do my best to stick to the basics =)  Let’s get back to using simple tools to reclaim our mental and emotional health.  It doesn’t have to be an extremely tough and drawn out process.  Like other factors in diet and lifestyle, the key is to add them into your “process.”  A little here and there goes a long way towards your own personal evolution.



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