Emotional Release Series: ART

Colouring pencils Français : Crayons de couleu...

Art has more or less been used as long as humans have been around.  From cave drawings to modern sculptures, there is something about art that intrigues us.  It moves us.  It captures our attention.  Why is this?  I would wager that the reasons are about as unique as we are.  Some people enjoy color and bright pictures.  Others may enjoy large sculptures made out of metal.  Personally, I think wood is beautiful.  Wooden art, furniture, carvings, etc.  Art is more than a form of expression.  It is a way to show the world (or ourselves) what is inside.  Some people create art that is very light and fun.  If this is a true expression of themselves it is great.  If there is something dark going on inside of yourself that needs resolution, then making some dark art is perhaps a good idea.  I love going to art shows and looking at the people with their artwork.  There is often so much in common between the two.  Some people show and sell their artwork.  Some people choose to keep it private.  Either way, it is a great form of expression and emotion.  This can be a cheap hobby.  It can also be an expensive hobby.  For our purposes, we will focus on the basics that everybody can easily pick up.  Where to start?  A good place would be to checkout a local art store and get a few basic materials.  These may include sketch pads, colored pencils, ink, crayons, paint, etc.  Whatever calls to you.  I will say that the less messy stuff is usually easier to work with on a regular basis.  I would definitely recommend getting something with COLOR.  So what are the steps here?  I don’t think there is any one way to create art.  Remember that this does not have to be something that you publish or show to anyone.  It can even be something you throw away as soon as you finish.  The less formal you make it, the better for expressive purposes.  Try not to use your “brain” so much and instead allow your heart and feel it out.  As usual, give yourself some time and space that you can get into a vulnerable space.  Allow whatever comes to come.  If you have a health challenge, you may wish to “draw it.”  You may be surprised what comes up.  Drawing yourself or those close to you may provide some valuable insights into how you feel about these people.  You may create art based off of past events.  Create things that have happened in your life.  It is important to focus on good things, but you shouldn’t be afraid to confront your “darkness” either.  Everything that is dark inside of you truly wants to find its way back to the light.  We often just need to confront it to get it to come out.  Art can be as simple or as complex as you desire.  From sketching to creating giant sculptures, truly there is something for everybody within the domain of art.



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