Emotional Release Series: MISCELLANEOUS

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OK guys.  This could literally go on forever here =)  There are so many countless ways to address and deal with our emotions.  How lucky is that?  As we near the end of the series I will note a few techniques that have helped many people deal with things in a somewhat simple manner.

EFT/ENERGY TECHNIQUES:  You are behind on the times if you haven’t heard of EFT.  It stands for emotional freedom technique. It relies on the same system as acupuncture.  Instead of needles, you use tapping.  You tap on points that are primarily on your face.  While you tap, you purposely address certain emotions, beliefs, mental patterns, etc.  This is basically like rewiring something and discharging the “static.”  Most of us have so much built up that it needs periodic cleansing.  This is a great way to do it.  It can also be used in combination with other therapies such as journaling, art, and more.  It is fairly easy to learn how to use.  Once you know it, you know it.  There are other similar therapies that rely on the same fundamental system.

PROFESSIONALS:  This may or may not be something you choose to use.  Professionals would include counselors, psychologists, therapists, and psychiatrists.  These may be valuable if you have nobody else to turn to, but can also become expensive very quickly.  Figuring out if this is right for you takes careful consideration.

CRYSTALS/STONES:  Stones and crystals have been used in healing for a very long time.  Stones are natural objects from the earth.  They carry certain energies to them.  I am not sure why or how this works.  Different stones have different properties.  Some may help you to ground out your energies.  Some may help to discharge or get in tune with certain emotions.  This is definitely an avenue worth exploring.

BOOKS:  Books cannot always help to do the deep energetic work that is required.  They can, however, help us to mentally and logically understand how and why things work the way they do.  More and more books on energy psychology, inner child work, shamanism, and other techniques are coming to the foreground in society.  We have a lot of wounded people here.  We are simply not taught most of this stuff growing up in westernized school systems.  Most of this is wisdom that was usually passed down from generation to generation.  We have forgotten much of how it works.  Brushing up on your “energetic know-how” is always a wise thing to do.  Just don’t fall so deep into the books that you forget to do the work =)

SHAMANISM:  This is an ancient technique that is starting to gain more attention in our current age.  As far as I know, this practice has always been around to some extent.  I will not even attempt to go into it much here.  The use of drums, rattles, and deep meditation help the practitioner reach altered states of consciousness.  It is in these altered states that the individual may receive guidance or wisdom from spiritual teachers, inner wisdom, energetic information, or deeply held unconscious minds.  This is a very powerful system that requires a lot of caution, respect, discipline, and contemplation.

MUSIC:  Music is a very powerful healer.  Creating your own music may be especially powerful.  Music has the natural ability to bring up emotions in people.  I remember something I read in a college course on music therapy a while back.  “Music is a part of ALL known cultures.”  This stuck with me.  It wasn’t that most cultures participate in music.  All of them do.  Music is fundamentally human.  There is a type of music for whatever mood you happen to be in.  Angry music.  Sad music.  Inspiring music.  Spiritual music.  There is no end to the list.  You would be hard pressed to find some music that doesn’t match how you are feeling.

CHAKRAS:  The chakra system is an ancient system as well.  It utilizes 7 major energy centers in the human body.  These correlate to 7 primary spiritual lessons/life issues and also to 7 colors.  Using this as a template to pinpoint your issues is an excellent idea.  The chakras each correlate to different regions of the body as well.  Color therapy can be used in conjunction with this system.

Those are some of the more common ones guys.  The possibilities are truly endless.  Find a few that really work well with you and stick with them.  Slow and steady is the name of the game here.  Try to work on stuff a bit each day.  The series will wrap up in the next post.  It will be on some pitfalls to avoid as well as advice on how navigate your progress.




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