LIVER Cleansing

Liver superior

Most of us need to do some liver cleansing every now and again.  It is one of the largest organs in our bodies.  It easily gets gunked up with years of dietary abuse, eating late at night, lack of exercise, bad emotional states, and more.  As with most things; the end cure is to change the lifestyle that creates the problem.  However, getting things running smoothly again may require some sustained effort.  Let’s look at some of the strategies to implement when attempting to cleanse the liver.

DIET MODIFICATION:  This step needs to be first.  Without it, attempts will often fail or fall short of expectations.  This is not about being perfect here.  This is primarily about cutting out the things that are causing the jam to begin with.  What are the worst offenders?  As usual; fried food, pasteurized dairy/cheeses/butters, gluten, any high-heated fat/oil including animal fats, and eating late at night.  Fat is not the enemy here.  For good sources of fat choose from raw olives/olive oil, raw coconut/coconut oil, avocados, raw dehydrated nuts, raw/lightly cooked egg yolks, and lightly cooked animal fats.  Adding in more fresh fruits and vegetables is key as well.

JUICING:  A juicer may be invaluable in your attempts to cleanse your liver.  Juicing enables you to intake large quantities of raw vegetables and herbs.  Adding in things like dandelion greens, spinach, ginger, lemons, garlic, etc are all great.  Blended smoothies may help as well.

BOWELS:  In order for the liver to want to unload the bowels must be functioning properly.  Are you going to the bathroom every day?  If not, you may need to aid elimination for a while to help get things moving.  There are several good bowel tonics and herbal cleanses out there to help stimulate this functioning.  After achieving good bowel movements, you may start working on the liver.

MILD:  Mild things you can do to help the liver usually involve juicing and herbal formulas.  Notable herbs would include dandelion, milk thistle, turmeric, yellow dock, burdock root, ginger, and red root.  These help gently stimulate the activity in the liver.  “Stone breaker” herb will also help soften up and dislodge gallstones.  Eating lightly during these periods is often helpful.

MODERATE:  Moderate things to do may include castor-oil packs over the liver, coffee enemas, and fasting regimes.

FLUSH:  Liver flushing is serious business.  Most of these recipe’s involve using large amounts of olive oil and lemon or grapefruit juice.  They involve fasting for half a day and drinking epsom salts to open the bile ducts.  This procedure is very powerful and should be attempted with caution and respect.

Those are the main things guys.  As usual, prevention is the name of the game.  Let’s get things moving again. =)



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