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This is something I have had on my mind for quite a while guys.  Who are we and how did we get here?  Did our ancestors constantly wonder how their organs were working?  Did they stress out about the diet they were eating?  I would guess that they other pressing issues to work on.  Enter modern civilization.  Educated.  “High-technology.”  Junk food, traffic, blogs =), INFORMATION OVERLOAD.  What is the end result?  We have been taken from nature.  We are not living in natural environments.  We have EMF, garbage in our food supply, chemicals in our air and water, a bad mindset, and more.  We eat junk food.  We don’t sleep enough or get enough sun exposure.  We don’t eat a lot of the foods that we desperately need.  We exercise too much or not enough.  We have become so OUT OF TOUCH with how things work. I think this lands a lot of us with health challenges and we start doubting ourselves.  We start doubting our bodies ability to keep us well.  After-all, it isn’t much fun to have things going wrong inside.  So what do we do?  We educate.  We analyze.  We use our western brains to “think” our way out of our problem.  This is part of the solution.  It is however, far from a COMPLETE solution.  Education is always important and there is a lot of good information out there.  But a lot of it is conflicting.  Is it wise to eat whole grains or not?  Should we eat animal fat or not?  Maybe eating fruit or cutting out fruit.  What about cleansing?  Let me tell you something.  There are two modes that our body can be in.  Fear/FIGHTING or Love/GROWTH.  Those are the extremes.  The more you can achieve a love and growth mode the better off you will be with your health.  Stress over how you are living 24/7 lands you in the fear category.  Sometimes fear is good.  It drives us to find the answers we need.  But what happens when there is no definite answer?  We always want that answer so we keep searching.  Well I’m here to tell you that there is no “definite” answer.  What works for me may not work for you.  What works for some person in a hot and humid climate may not work for you living in the cold north.  So this lands us to where we are now.  Let’s look at some remedies to these issues.

EDUCATION:  Educate yourself.  This does not mean spend thousands of hours researching ways to improve yourself.  Learn about nature as much as you can.  Imitate it.  Focus on the basics here.  Eat whole, fresh, local food when possible.  Cut out the junk.  Junk food screws up our own natural instincts. The basics also include getting enough sunlight, sleep, exercise, grounding, and pleasure in life.  Understanding that emotions and mental/spiritual states affect our health as well is critical to well-being.

LISTEN:  Take time every day to listen to your body.  TRUST IT.  How do you feel right now?  Do you feel hungry?  Stuffed?  Does your body want a piece of fruit or a piece of meat?  How about your emotions?  Do you feel empty inside?  Do you hold a deep conflict that hasn’t had the chance to surface?  What is going on inside?

TRUST:  Trust is such a huge factor in health.  It is rarely discussed, but it should be more.  A lot of health challenges ultimately stem from a lack of trust.  This could be a lack of trust in God, relationships, how we were raised, etc.  It can also be a lack of trust in our bodies or that they are failing us or faulting in some way.  The body is not to blame guys.  Life is intelligent.  It understands what is going on even when we don’t.

My favorite definition of healing?  “Healing is the application of LOVE to places inside that are HURTING.”  The body knows what it is doing.  What inside is hurting?  That is our ultimate job.  What is the message that your body is sending to you?  What does it want from you in order to better come into balance and serve you better?  We are spirits in bodies guys.  The body is a vehicle.  We are all our own mechanics.  Would we blame the car?  Let’s ALLOW the car to run how it runs and become “body mechanics” to help tune up our vehicles.  Trust that Love and Life are made to be here.  We just need to figure out where we went wrong.  Life is always right =)



One thought on “TRUSTING Your BODY

  1. Absolutely awesome post as usual. So many great points in one place. I’m happy you decided to write this. This past week has led me to a lot of reflection over my life and around what my purpose is and what I truly want and need to be happy. This post speaks directly to my thoughts this past week. Well done and thank you so much for sharing.

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