Love for Arts


A love day huh?  What does that mean?  I’m just now beginning to understand it myself.

We work hard don’t we?  ALL of us work hard.  Whether other people “see” it or not, whether they understand, whether we understand it ourselves.  ALL of us are working hard at something most of the time.  Maybe it is raising children.  Maybe it is working to provide for your family.  Maybe it is having a health challenge.  We are ALL doing something.  Being healthy helps us to accomplish our challenges in an effective way.  Eliminating stress and anxiety is part of being healthy.  With so many responsibilities, how can we drop the fear for a while?  If we dropped the fear, maybe things wouldn’t get done.  Well I would like to advocate a love day.  This doesn’t have to be some “girly” take a bath with candles and listen to soft music thing.  This is just taking a day to LOVE yourself UNCONDITIONALLY without putting any attachment on the “outcomes.”  Do what you do instinctually.  Maybe that is watching an old-movie marathon with some friends.  Maybe its playing guitar by yourself for a while.  The idea is to completely unwind.  Maybe this means crying or screaming over whatever is going on in your life.  Figure out where you truly are at this point and give yourself a little credit.  That is the problem here!  We never give ourselves credit for how hard we work!  It is a never-ending rat-race for a lot of us.  There is never “good enough.”  I don’t care how hard you work, how hard you study, how much you work on your fitness; there will always be “another level” to reach.  In reality; it is just this mindset we have been implanted with to push and push.  Let’s take a minute to look at the basics.  Do you have enough food, water, shelter, family and friends, spirituality, love, etc?  Then you are OK.  What more can we really ask for?  Let’s take a personal day and just LIVE for the pure expression of LIVING!



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