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Chakras.  Ok guys.  In all reality, this is an enormous topic that I will discuss in a lot more detail down the road.  This series will contain a small explanation of the chakra system and how to use it to stay in balance physically and spiritually.  Let’s get started shall we?

What are Chakras?  Chakras are energetic nerve bundles that usually align with certain organ structures along the spine.  When healthy, they are active in the front and the back.  They are generally balanced.  They help energy flow through our system.  This is very similar to the principles that we get from Chinese Medicine and other schools of thought.  Let’s take a brief view of the chakras and how to bring them into balance.  But first,  I want to quickly discuss an important point that I feel is not often brought up.

FRONT/BACK BALANCE:  A lot of people talk about the UP/DOWN balancing of the chakras.  Is this important?  Of course it is!  What you don’t hear a lot about is the front/back balance.  Now some people will argue this, but I have come to believe that there are some common themes when working with this system.  Front generally refers to ourselves.  Are we being ourselves?  Are we speaking our truth?  Do we have good foresight?  The back is the opposite.  Do we allow others to be themselves?  Do we allow ourselves to receive love?  Do we listen when others speak?  Look at where you are on this continuum.  Some of us need more work on the back chakras.  Some of us need more work on the front.

BOTTOM/TOP BALANCE:  Naturally, this is also important.  There are 7 chakras starting at your sacrum and going up to the crown of your head.  The lower ones relate more to the physical things in life.  The earth, our families and tribes, our physical health, etc.  The upper chakras correlate more and more with spiritual or intangible things.  Us human beings are in a conundrum here.  We are spiritual beings but we live in physical bodies.  So what does that mean?  It means that to live a FULL existence here, we must work on both of these areas.  Staying grounded in the physical world is very important.  So is not getting so sucked into it that we lose sight of what is really going on around us and in our hearts.  Maintaining a balance among these is key.

CHAKRA 1:   Red.  Root.  This chakra relates to your tribe or family.  It represents the “right to live.”  The right to be a part of this world and to grow as a creature.  Do you feel that you have the right to be here?  The right to take up space?  The right to be part of a family?  These are all questions to work with and balance this center.

CHAKRA 2:  Orange.  Sacral.  This chakra represents feelings, sexuality, and fluidity.  “I have the right to feel and be emotional.”  Do you own your feelings?  Do you own your sexuality?  Do you own the fluidity of life?  This center is about creativity, art, and expression on a physical level.

CHAKRA 3:  Yellow.  Solar Plexus.  Everybody’s favorite.  The power center.  The will center.  The center for individuality.  “The right to be true to myself.”  In my opinion; this is one of the most important chakras.  This correlates specifically to a nerve bundle in the body called the sacral plexus.  The areas affected by this are all areas of digestion and liver functioning.  Take a look at an old Disney movie or two.  Hell, most movies in general.  What is the theme?  WHO ARE YOU?  Who is the character?  When they go off track, their life falls apart.  Most of the story involves them remembering or accepting themselves as good as they are.  Do you accept yourself is the main question here.

CHAKRA 4:  Green.  Heart.  Another extremely important one.  The center for love.  Can you openly love others?  Yourself?  Are you afraid of trusting others with your love?  Maybe you have a hard time letting people “into your heart.”  This is “the right to love.”  It is also the center from which forgiveness comes from.  I think most of us living on the planet could use a little work in this center =)

CHAKRA 5:  Blue.  Throat.  “I speak my truth.”  This is about communication and expression.  Do you tell people what is going on inside of you?  Are you honest and do you speak with integrity?  Or do you let others sway what comes out of your mouth?  Do you fear that saying the truth might be “unpopular?”  These are all great questions to ask.  This is about communicating from the inside out.  A lot of us get in the habit of “holding our tongue.”  STOP IT!

CHAKRA 6:  Indigo. Third Eye.  “I see.”  This is where things get interesting.  The material world starts diminishing more noticeably here.  However, this center still helps us in the world a great deal.  This is the center for intelligence, intuition, foresight, and gut feelings.  This is almost our “psychic” connection with the world.  Animals know when a storm is coming.  They know when to sleep and when to eat.  The third eye is a mystical center that may involve looking inward and introspection to uncover what is REALLY going on with us.

CHAKRA 7:  Violet.  Crown.  “I connect.”  This is our connection with divine.  You may call it what you want.  GOD.  The universe.  Mother nature.  It doesn’t really matter WHAT you call it.  As science will show over the next few decades; we are all connected through a larger “field.”  Ever seen “AVATAR?”  This is very similar.  We are all connected to one source.  Our INTERPRETATION of that source is the source of much argument and violence in our world.  It is the same source though.  Having a direct connection with this source is obviously very important to us as spiritual beings.

That’s a quick wrap up people.  Where are your strong points?  Your weaknesses?      We all have things we could use some work on.  Try to create a balance in your body, mind, and spirit.  Balance yourself from the front/back and from the bottom/up.  Again, there is no “endpoint” or resting place.  This is something to be cultivated over a lifetime.  Have fun =)



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