yin yang futurist style

You need to get out there and work out more.  You need to get off of your ass!  Wait.  You need to relax.  You need to SLOW DOWN!  This is a tough one guys.  Life is about maintaining a balance between these two forces.  You could call them Yin and Yang.  You could call them fast and slow.  Recovery and work.  There is no wrong answer here.  The fact is that we need them both.  They are the two basic primal forces in the world.  All we can do is learn about them and figure out the best way to implement them in our own lives.  Some of us need to bring more YIN energy inside and calm down (guilty).  Some people need to cultivate more YANG energy and get moving more.  We are all born with a certain default mode.  It is then skewed by our lifestyles, mental attitudes, beliefs, and the people we spend time with.  Food affects it a lot as well but this topic is about the attitude.  Let’s look at people who could use more FIGHT.

NEED FIGHTING?  These are the people who have a hard time exercising.  It is easy to get distracted and stay on the couch.  Eating a bunch of junk does not help the problem.  Problems will include lethargy, sluggish mental functioning, lack of motivation, and a general lack of enthusiasm for life.  Changing requires a few simple steps.  We need to cultivate it like everything else.  Eat to boost your metabolism.  Cut out the fried foods, breads, pasteurized dairies, etc.  These will slug you down.  Fruits and vegetables may help you a lot to “speed up.”  Exercise will also help dramatically.  Exercise that will help this type usually include cardiovascular and calisthenics training.  The system is sluggish and needs a “jump-start.”  Choosing hobbies that get the energy moving are great here.  Sports, musical instruments, traveling, etc.  Cultivating willpower is also important.  This type tends to yield to confrontation, move around problems, and take the “passive route.”  Willpower and mental toughness can be practiced.  Let’s get some FIGHT folks!

NEED ALLOWING?  A topic close to my own heart =)  This does not have to be a literal “fighting.”  It can be a fight in the mind as well.  These people have trouble relaxing.  They have trouble slowing their processes down.  Maybe there is never enough time to get the things done that we want.  Maybe we jump into projects too fast and have a tendency of burning ourselves out and crashing.  Part of this problem can come from a genetic predisposition to FIRE energy.  It can also come from bad mental patterns dealing with perfectionism and an attitude that says “it is never enough,” or “it can’t get done quick enough.”  Usually there is plenty of willpower.  We are always taught that willpower is great, and it is; but there are limitations.  Sometimes we need to allow.  We need to allow the project to wait until tomorrow and unwind with some friends.  Sometimes we need to take a break and some personal time if we are exhausted.  We need fuel and activities that help calm the mind and body.  Art or slow music can help this type.  Fruits and veggies are always good.  This type however, will probably benefit with some high-quality proteins and fats as well.  These help balance.  Exercise can include qigong, light cardio, strength training, etc.  Figure out if your “YANG” is coming from the body or the mind.  These will require different interventions.

This is about balance guys.  There is no better way of going through life.  They both have their advantages and disadvantages.  Nature always strives for BALANCE.  Both types will benefit from clean food, water, and air.  They will also benefit from mild exercise and plenty of sleep.  We will always have our natural tendencies but we have the choice to bring those into balance with the world around us =)



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