Can Health be FUN?

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Can health be fun?  Does it conjure up images of boring meals, strict exercise routines, and an overall rigid schedule?  Maybe it doesn’t have to be that way.

I like to think of our ancestors a lot.  Ancestors and wild animals.  These beings were not necessarily trying to BE HEALTHY.  It was more called staying alive.  It just so happened that the very things that seemed to keep them alive were the same things that made them healthy.  What were these things?  A lot of fresh air and movement, a natural diet, no EMF in the environment, etc.  Did they have stress?  I would say most definitely.  But the ENVIRONMENT was a lot better for the most part.  I am more and more convinced that in times of old, humans lived a lot more off of fresh clean air and movement than today.  There seems to be a correlation between our health and our ability to sustain off of simple fare.  So can health be fun?  Do we have to follow boring routines?  Not at all.  The basics are the most important to have in place.  Some of the basics happen to be a lot of fun as well.

FOOD:  Does food have to be boring?  Boring plates of rice.  Tofu.  Canned seaweeds.  BLEUACK.  Are these even healthy things to eat?  A dog ravenously devours a plate of raw meat when you place it in front of him.  Is there any question if he enjoys it?  The food we eat is supposed to be enjoyed.  I believe evolution did a pretty good job of letting us know what we should be eating.  The problem?  When humans took over engineering our food supply.  We have learned to bypass our own natural tendencies and eating habits through the use of sugars, fried fats and oils, pasteurized dairy products, breads, chemicals and flavorings, etc.  Part of the problem is emotional eating.  Part of the problem is bad food in general.  How do we have fun with our food again?  It is relatively simple.  Get rid of the JUNK.  Replace your cabinets and refrigerators with whole foods.  It isn’t so important as to what these foods are.  What appeals to you and makes you feel good?  Perhaps in the summer this means a lot of fresh raw produce.  Maybe the winter calls for more high quality fats and proteins.  Focus on quality and proper cooking methods.  The rest will take care of itself.

EXERCISE:  Please do not spend countless hours on a treadmill staring at a wall or lifting weights on a machine mounted to the inside of a boring building.  In my opinion, the outdoors is the best place for this stuff.  Think of things you can do with friends and family members.  Hiking.  Kayaking.  Swimming.  Building or doing work outdoors.  Exercise does not have to be repetitive, expensive, or boring.  Mixing it up keeps things fresh.

EMOTIONS:  Is drinking a natural beer or a glass of wine bad for us?  That one is still up in the air for most.  However, if one drink gets you out and about with friends it is probably worth it.  We have such rigid “rules” within the health community.  I have come to believe that almost nothing is true for everybody in all circumstances.  Is it worth it to stay up late watching a movie with an old friend if it means blowing off steam and reminiscing over old times?  Probably.  Use your intuition with this one.  The whole key here is fun, love, and laughter.  Church groups, funny movies, practical jokes, pranks, love, kindness, etc.  We focus too much on food in general and less on emotions.

SPIRITUALITY:  This is a huge topic in itself.  The understandings that spirituality brings on an energetic level are enormous.  It is so interesting to start understanding our small role in this thing called life.  We are but one small person on the planet, yet we all have enormous power and potential.  Gaining knowledge in the workings of love, God, and the universe are often awe-inspiring and help us to view our own lives with more clarity and peace.

LEARNING:  Learning new things is fun.  Using our brains is fun.  Funny stuff on tv is great sometimes.  But what about new things?  What about getting off the beaten path?  Learning about art, music, science, math, the universe?  A foreign language is a great thing to learn.  Let’s keep learning and growing.  You usually can’t separate the two.

Key here is variety.  Variety is the spice of life right?  Don’t let yourself fall into a rut in the name of health.  Health is about so much more.  It is about being FULLY ALIVE.  It is about trying new things, meeting new people, traveling, and expressing yourself from the deepest core of who you are.  Let’s take back that right and start reclaiming the fun in healthy living.




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