English: Foot reflexology is a "pressure ...

Who knew that it could be good for your health getting a foot rub?  Well it is.  Ancient cultures knew that there was a deep connection between the feet/hands and the rest of the body.  There are reflex points on the feet that correlate to the different organ systems and meridians in the body.  There is a lot of science and “specifics” in reflexology, but we are keeping it simple today.  You don’t need to go out and get treatments unless you feel like having somebody do this for you.  Ultimately, a short rub once or twice a day can do wonders.  There are charts you may purchase online or in health stores that will show you the different reflex areas.  Generally speaking, you want to focus on areas that are sore or stiff.  This is also a great way to figure out what parts of your body may need some attention.  All in all, reflexology is easy to learn, easy to practice, a good way to ground in the body, and good for you.



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