Veggie mix

Short one today guys.  What is all this blending about?  Smoothies, frappes, ice drinks, blended drinks, WOAH.


Juicing is all the rage today.  There is a reason for this.  It is an easy, simple way to get loads of living nutrition into your body that may not wind up there otherwise.  But what about the fiber?  No other animal “Juices” vegetables or fruit.  I think juicing is a great supplement to a diet.  But should we live exclusively off of a liquid diet?  I think not.  Imitate nature for the most part guys.  So we all know that chewing our food to a pulp is a good thing to do.  Less digestion, more absorption.  I think there is a benefit of eating a meal or two of “roughage” here and there to scrape the intestines and move things through.  Most people do not have the digestive equipment to break down large quantities of cellulose.  Enter Blending.


Now I am not so much talking about “smoothies” and concocted drinks that mix endless things together in horrible combinations and call it a health drink.  Sure, raw milk, berries, kale, nuts, and apples might be great by themselves.  But they are not to be mixed like that.  You will not find any of that growing on a tree or in the ground anywhere.  All other animals more or less eat “mono-meals.”  One type of food at a time.  That can get rather boring so we use food combining instead.  Mixing similar foods is ok for most people.  Blueberries and raspberries for instance can be mixed.  Pick foods that have similar digestion times.  So I for one am about saving time and energy; how about you? Enter Blending.  


What are the types of foods I am talking about here?  FRUIT.  NUTS.  Some salad vegetables.  Frozen blueberries blended up make a great dessert.  Nuts are generally hard to digest for most.  Making your own nut butters does a lot of the work for you.  Besides; you can season it to your liking.  Ask me for the maple cinnamon walnut butter recipe =)  Do you really feel like chewing all this stuff correctly?  Don’t get me wrong.  Every once in a while I enjoy a big salad.  For the most part though, I would prefer blending it up and save myself a lot of time and energy.  There really is no limit to what you can blend up.  There are a few cautions with this though.  If you find yourself needing to add a lot of water, juice, or milk to your blended foods to make them appealing; you may question whether or not that is a wise choice.  Try to avoid things that don’t go down smoothly.  In general, fruits, nuts, and certain salad veggies can be blended.  This is just raw food.  You can also blend cooked food as well.  It may not be the most appealing thing in the world but it isn’t so bad either.  Feel like a quick meal on the go?  Pulverize up some leftover crock-pot chicken and vegetables and throw it in a to-go cup. 


Many pureed soups are delicious.  You have to remember that your body breaks this stuff down inside anyway.  It all “goes to the same place” as they say.  There are a myriad of blenders and mixers out there.  Anywhere from 50 bucks to hundreds.  We use a “nutribullet.”  Inexpensive and does the trick.  What are your blending experiences?





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