Be Careful with PALEO

Mmm... Cajun recipe sausage and eggs


“What can I get for you today?”


 “Yes, can I please have the well-done burger fried in vegetable oil with cheese?”  “Skip the bread though, I’m on a PALEO diet.”


Be careful with PALEO guys.  What is “paleo” anyways?  It is everywhere today.  Eat a paleo diet.  Well, what does that exactly mean?  Is it an excuse to eat fried chicken wings, bacon, sausages, lunchmeat, and cheese all day?  I think too many people get sucked into the paleo bandwagon without really understanding what it means.  Do I agree that we should all be eating a diet like that of our ancestors?  Absolutely.  Do I think that most modern paleo eaters eat a diet like that of our ancestors?  Absolutely not.  This bothers me sometimes as some people get sucked into believing they are eating a healthy diet.  To keep this short today, I will give a little list of traditional foods versus “modern paleo” foods.


TRADITIONAL:  raw or lightly cooked eggs with a little raw olive oil.  Crock-pot or slow cooked lamb and vegetables.  Raw dehydrated nuts and seeds.  Fresh or frozen fruit.  Fresh pressed juices.  Fermented cod-liver oil.  Fresh raw or cooked vegetables.  Raw dairy, cream, kefir, and butter.


MODERN PALEO: eggs fried in pasteurized butter. Fried steak in fried olive oil.  Roasted almond butter with maple syrup and vegetable oil.  Pasteurized fruit with added sugar.  Pasteurized fruit and vegetable juice.  High-heated fish oil “capsules”. Fried vegetable “chips” made from corn, sweet potatoes,etc.  Pasteurized yoghurt and cheeses.


The list goes on and on but you get the idea.  With this “paleo movement,” a lot of us got sucked into thinking some of the “junk-food” in our modern supermarkets and restaurants were healthy for us.  Let’s be careful with this bandwagon.  Let’s not let the “modern paleo” diet catch on for too long.  Is it fine for treats and cheat days?  Sure.  But let’s not pretend it is a healthy diet.  Junk food is still junk food, even if it is PALEO.  Let’s make our ancestors proud =)





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