The Cleansing (novel)


Weed and feed guys.  Building and cleansing.  These are both cycles that our bodies go through.  We go through them on a daily basis.  We go through them on a weekly basis.  We go through them on a yearly or seasonal basis.  In nature these cycles tend to happen automatically.  In our modern lives; not so much.  A lot of us get sucked into the idea that one is better than the other or that we should only focus on one at a time.  Typical examples of these are bodyBUILDERS and veganCLEANSERS.  One side favors the building up of the body.  Usually this is done with high amounts of proteins, fats, and heavy carbohydrates.  The other favors cleansing out the gunk that most of us accumulate over the years.  This is usually done by focusing on fresh fruits and veggies primarily with little fat, protein, or animal products.  Who is right?  Can they both be right?  I always like to look to history and anthropology to discover the answers.

Now I understand why vegan-types think the way they do.  Bottom line?  We eat and have eaten WAY too much garbage and junk that gunks up our bodies in the past few decades.  People have grown up eating cereals, pasteurized cheeses, fried eggs and butter, grilled meats, bread, pastas, etc.  The list doesn’t really end.  So do we need to cleanse?  Most definitely.  All of us can use some internal housekeeping every now and then.  Our livers, kidneys, colons, and skin get overloaded with toxins.  What are the best foods to eat for cleansing?  Light things.  Fresh fruits, veggies, a little raw fat maybe.  Focusing on fresh air, clean water, and sunlight are great as well.  But is that the whole story?  Historically, there have been hardly ANY vegan societies.  They all consumed animal products as well.  Enter the building side of things.

The wise cultures throughout history understood that animal products had important qualities that vegetables and fruits did not.  Things like bone marrow, fatty fish, organ meats, raw dairy, eggs, and other animal proteins.  This is not to say that they always consumed massive amounts of these foods.  So what is really going on here?  I am really beginning to see a difference which I am coining “An egg is not an egg.”  “A chicken is not a chicken.”  What do I mean by that?  Most of the high-quality animal products people used in the past were NOT consumed how most of us do today.  Let’s look at a list of some “junk-foods” compared to some clean ones.

JUNK:  Pizzas, pasteurized dairy, cheese, and butter, burgers and fries, fried eggs and bacon, high-heated steaks, chicken, and fish, fried chicken wings, etc.

CLEAN:  Raw or lightly cooked eggs with runny yolks, raw dairy (if tolerated), bone marrow, cod liver oil, sardines, salmon, and other fatty fish, crock-pot or slow roasted meats, raw or lightly cooked organ meats and other fats.

The verdict?  Animal products are not the enemy.  Live with the seasons guys.  More fresh fruits and veggies during spring/summer for cleansing and more building foods in the fall and winter for building.  Don’t be afraid to eat intuitively either.  We have different genetics.  We need different things at different times.  Focus on air and water quality first.  Then listen to your body and follow along =)




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