WHO are YOU?

The Lion King (musical)

WHO are YOU?

I do not mean your job.  I do not mean your stuff.  I mean WHO you are underneath.  Is it a scared kid trying to gain approval?  Is it a man with a passion, a mission, and a dream?  Is it a loving father or mother?  Is it an overweight child that still thinks they are too heavy no matter what they do?  We all have different roles we play in life.  This is not what I am referring to either.  I am referring to YOUR viewpoint of who you are.  That is what matters.  Does it matter what other people think?  Sure.  It is nice to have family and friends think highly of us.  We all strive for that.  But is that getting in the way of who you are?  Love is what we are all going for folks.  We are either spreading it or trying to find it.  I don’t care what people are doing in the world.  Everything happens because of love.  The love in ourselves is what has the power to change the world.  Should we change ourselves to fit the mold for others?  Most of us watched DISNEY movies growing up.  Some classics are the “Lion King, “”Aladdin,” and “Sword in the Stone.”  What is the common theme?  These young people are always trying to figure out WHO they are.  When they start falling off track or lose sight of who they are, their lives usually fall apart.  Are we any different?  Is it a coincidence that those of us who have a strong sense of identity and self-confidence tend to be happier?  That is not to say the problems in life don’t still occur but that we are more capable of facing them.  Answering who you are is one of the most basic questions human beings have always asked ourselves.  We want to feel good about ourselves.  We want to feel accepted by ourselves.  We ALWAYS will seek acceptance and love.  The difference?  We can realize that WHO we are is where that comes from.  We all have gifts and talents.  We all are unique.  The question is whether or not we believe we are or not.  Does it really do any good to attempt to have everyone around us provide our own acceptance of ourselves?  Why not go directly to the source.  Then we don’t end up constantly seeking from the outside in.  It should come from the inside out.  



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