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Short series guys.  Had to do it.  What happened to us men?  We used to do manly things.  Now women sometimes struggle to find a good one of us.  We used to eat liver and bone marrow.  We used to do intense physical labor.  We used to STAND UP for ourselves and resist the couch.  We used to have passions and dreams.  What happened?  This series gets into the how and the why.  Topics may include cooking, nutrition, fitness, lifestyle choices, passions, choices, ego, etc.  Let’s stand up as men and start reclaiming what society has lost.  Let’s jump right into it.  Enter COOKING.

REAL MEN know how to COOK.  I am not talking about takeout food, microwave dinners, and canned soup.  I am talking about real cooking.  Putting nourishing food together.  This is a lot more complex than just knowing how to steam some vegetables.  This includes understanding at a deep level what is good for your body and your family and taking that extra step to make it happen.  You can make this step as old-school as you want.  Finding quality food takes a little work, but is well worth the effort.  So what if you mess up a meal here and there?  The healthiest way to eat is usually the simplest way to eat.  What is the best way to start?  HUNTING, GROWING, and FISHING are other important traits, but that is another post.  We are assuming this food is gathered.

GATHER:  Getting your food is step number one.  Find the highest quality animal products you can find.  Shop local farmers markets first for fresh fruits and vegetables.  Pick out the freshest, most appetizing looking stuff you can get your hands on.  Gather a variety of foods to play around with.

RECIPES:  Recipes are a great place to start.  With the dramatic INFLUX of people eating a more health-conscious diet, there are thousands of healthy recipes using real food available for free online.  Crock-pot chicken?  YUM.  Steamed broccoli with sweet potatoes and raw butter?  YUM.  The list goes on and on.  Find things that you have never tried.

COOK:  Cook guys.  Remember how practice makes perfect?  The same is true with cooking.  We gotta do it to improve it.  Steamed vegetables and baked fish is a simple place to start.  Lightly cooked omelets with veggies or avocado are great too.

I will tell you from personal experience that women love a guy who can cook.  Hell, even if you mess up, it still shows effort on your part.  Personally, I am ashamed that 75% of my gender doesn’t know how to cook.  What does that say about us?  Cooking is FUNDAMENTAL to being human.  Let’s take back our cooking skills guys.




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