REAL MEN SERIES: Reading and Writing

English: Reading and Writing Room on the A-Dec...


What happened to this?  I am not talking about looking at magazines.  I am not talking about text messaging or emails.  I am talking about reading and writing.  RICHNESS.  FULFILLMENT.  It seems that our modern world has exploded with content, but what kind of content?  Jersey Shore?  Hustler?  Driving while texting?  Whatever happened to good old-fashioned stuff?  Let’s take a look at each of these in a little more detail.

READING:  Reading is a great way to improve yourself.  What kind of reading you partake in will often determine what you will get out of it.  Need to relax, unwind, and have a little fun?  An easy-going fiction book may fit the bill.  Want to learn more about a certain topic such as business?  There are books out there for that.  How about stimulating the left or right brain?  Grab a book on quantum physics and I promise you will activate that lazy left brain.  Books on art, music, or poetry may work on the right side.  I don’t want to stereotype, but it seems that some of the best quality books are old.  They were not written recently.  They were written in a different time when different types of people lived.  Books on life, health, and family.  Today the “rules” all seem to change.  There are new diet and exercise fads coming out every day.  New ways to play the stock market.  New ways to be financially savvy.  Older books often discuss the basics that usually don’t change much.  Whether you are reading for enjoyment and fun, learning, or sharpening your brain; reading is a great addition to life.

WRITING:  I have a fascination with writing for some reason.  What does writing mean to me?  Writing used to be a privilege.  You were lucky if you could read and write.  Writing used to be an art form.  What happened?  Letters from loved ones, private journals, sketchbooks, and notepads all used to be prized possessions.  The list could go on and on.  People realized that there was something about writing that did something positive for people.  Receiving a handwritten letter in the mail seems to mean more than a text or email.  Putting our ideas, thoughts, and emotions onto paper is extremely satisfying and healing.  

Reading and writing are critical skills that I feel we often take for granted.  Sure we “read and write” every day.  But do we “READ and WRITE” every day?  Basic skills right?  Let’s bring them back for what they really are.  Tools to enhance our well-being and existence as people living on the planet.  



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