New Year, New YOU!


English: Independence Day fireworks, San Diego.

2013 HUH?  WE MADE IT.


 Hopefully it was a good year for you.  If not, it is time to rejuvenate.  It is time to rethink your life.  It is time to make peace with the old so that you can more efficiently let in the new.  Our past has a bad habit of tying us down and holding us back.  Our past wants to be resolved.  This could be anything.  It could be past emotions or trauma.  It could be a sick body.  It could be a gunked up computer.  It could be a messy apartment or an old wardrobe.  Look at things in your past (present) that are affecting you today.  Is it really in your past if it actively affects your present?  We all want to evolve.  We all want to grow.  To heal.  To learn.  So what are some simple steps we can take to get moving on it?


INVENTORY:  Take inventory of things you don’t need anymore.  Only keep the things you can honestly keep out of LOVE.  Maybe that means taking a hard look at some feelings or thoughts that should be let go.  These could include grudges, conflicts, traumas, resentments, fears, etc.  Maybe you don’t particularly want some family heirlooms that were passed on to you.  Maybe you really want to improve a damaged relationship.  Maybe you really don’t ever wear those clothes, use that cologne, or put on those shoes.  Do you read those books ever, or do they sit on your shelf?


DECIDE/COMMIT:  Decide to let go of the things you don’t need.  This is really the hardest step.  Most of us keep at least an unconscious inventory of our “stuff,” or our “baggage.”  Deciding to let this stuff go is often the step that trips us up.  Letting go of books, old magazines, clothes, fitness equipment, etc isn’t too complicated.  Letting go of long-standing emotional issues may be a lot more challenging, but can also be some of the most rewarding decisions you will make.  Committing to following through with your decisions is an important part of the process.  Often this means going up against resistances.  Resistance usually comes from inside ourselves.  It can also come from outside.  We have to be brave enough to pass through these to achieve our goals.


WORK:  Do what it takes.  This is a tough one as well.  Sometimes jobs are easier than we thought.  Sometimes they are harder.  It can be like writing a short paper or it can be like writing an exhaustively long book.  Taking out some old clothes or books is one thing.  Selling off some old furniture may be a bit more challenging.  Dealing with long-standing emotional traumas or faulty thought patterns may be yet more challenging.  Do what it takes.  Commit to the things you really want to change.  We all have ideas in our heads about the things we would like to change.  Sometimes these are external things like our “stuff.”  Sometimes these are internal things like our feelings or thoughts.  Which is more important?  Honestly, I would take a look at the inside first.  Internal processes are what is going to have the biggest impact on your life.  Is it the most visible?  Maybe not in the beginning.  We are constantly reminded in our country that what is on the outside is what matters.  What can be “seen.”  I think outside success is great, but it usually comes from inside first.  Let’s do the work it takes to create new OPTIMIZED INDIVIDUALS.





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