Hiatal Hernia?


What the heck is he talking about this time?


This is a common problem that goes largely unnoticed in our culture.  Nonetheless, it affects our daily health; sometimes dramatically.  Without going overboard on the technical drama, what is a “Hiatal Hernia?”


HIATAL HERNIA:  Basically, this is when a section of the stomach comes up past the diaphragm and ends up outside of where it is supposed to be.  It is supposed to be mouth, esophagus, DIAPHRAGM segment, THEN STOMACH.  Imagine how you would feel being clenched off in an area you aren’t really designed to be in.  How does this happen?  I don’t think anybody knows all of the reasons, but we can agree on a few common offenders.  STRESS (knot in your stomach, lump in your throat), Improper lifting and straining, constipation straining, improper breathing, shallow breathing, bad posture, etc.  


Author: National Institute of Diabetes and Dig...

Why is this bad for the body?  Our bodies don’t like to be held in tension.  We have muscled that are designed to do work for periods of time.  We like to be in positions of ease while we are resting and digesting.  Besides your mouth and esophagus, your stomach is where digestion starts!  So what is your stomach is constantly stressed because it is in the wrong position and cramped down?  Things don’t work so well.  Irritation happens.  Stomach acid has a hard time being produced.  Some people will tell you a large part of our society has this to some degree or another.  Symptoms may include an inability to digest protein very well, feeling bloated after meals, constipation, acid reflux, difficulty swallowing, feeling of fullness in the chest, etc.  Sound familiar?  So how do we fix it? This is a problem that is not created overnight.  It is however, relatively simple to work on and correct.  You can get professional help from people such as chiropractors, visceral manipulators, and massage therapists if you want.  There are also several “at-home” exercises you can do yourself.  Diet, stress, and doing these exercises seems to be the best method for correcting this problem.  Eating a lot of salads, grains, and “roughage” foods is not going to help.  Neither is gluten or pasteurized dairy.  Following good “food combining” may be very helpful for this condition as well.  Linked below is a video on techniques to correct this problem. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xX0zKB2_-UM

Hope this sheds light on this large, unrecognized problem guys. -JOE 


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