Supplements (or a visual representation of my ...

Take supplement A, B, and C.  Exercise 3 times a day.  Do some coffee enemas perhaps.  You better stop eating that unfermented soy and pasteurized dairy.  Juice your food twice a day.  Stop cooking your food and eat some raw meat.  Oh, and add in some mental/emotional work.  Do you do EFT?  Maybe you need a massage or some bodywork.  WOAH!

Is health a journey or what?  In our culture, yes.  Most of us have learned bad habits a lot of our lives.  We have been eaten up by food and drug companies.  We have been taught to not follow our true selves.  Let’s face it; we have a lot of problems here.  But is it really a good idea to try to fix everything at once?  Doesn’t that add stress and extra fuel to the fire?  Our bodies like to evolve.  They like to do things at their own pace as well.  Adding in and taking out things rapidly is not always the best solution.  What happens to a fuse when we overload it?  Our bodies are the same way.  Positive changes are great to implement.  But how do we do it in a way that works for ourselves, our bodies, and our lives?

HONEST INVENTORY/PLAN:  Take an honest inventory of yourself and what you would like to change.  This does not mean quickly signing up for “P90-X,” or the latest FAD diet plan.   Do you want to improve your diet?  Start exercising?  Maybe you do those things but your emotions need some work.  Do you need more sleep?  Take inventory to figure out what you WANT to work on.

COMMIT LITTLE for LONG:  Commit to some little things.  Attempting to jump on a super-clean diet overnight doesn’t usually work.  It is too big a shift.  Doing small things are a great way to start.  Great options are cutting out gluten or pasteurized dairy products.  Committing to taking a walk once a day is great too.  The idea is not to overwhelm yourself.  Commit to a plan for the long-run guys.  A long-term plan committed to will always achieve more than short-term stuff not adhered to.

CHECK-IN:  Have you been following your commitments?  Did you fall off the wagon?  Changing is a lifestyle.  It is not something to be attempted overnight.  To change our habits is to change ourselves.

UPDATE:  Improved your diet?  Started working with the emotions?  Feeling great?  Maybe it’s time to check in with your inventory again.  Maybe you want to do a little cleansing in the spring.  Maybe you want to take the next step with your diet.  Figure out where you want to go next.

ENJOY:  Give yourself a little bit to enjoy your accomplishments before moving on to the NEXT thing.  This process is supposed to be fun.  You are supposed to feel good.  You are not supposed to feel guilty for not being better.  Life is about continual renewal and improvement.  It is not about stressing out that we are not good enough.  De-educate yourself from the programming that most of us grew up with.  Enjoy the sweetness in your life.  See that stepping in the right direction on a regular basis is the most important thing to do.







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