Foundational Health Building

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What do I mean by foundational health building?

We build houses.  We build skyscrapers.  We build cars and trains and buses.  We build computers.  We build countless different things in our country.  What do they all have in common?  They have FOUNDATION.  They have a structure that has to be in place before the other stuff can be added.  Health and our lives are no different.  We simply cannot have healthy lives or bodies without having some foundational support first.  Without going into too much detail, what are these foundations?  Let’s take a quick look.

ENVIRONMENT:  This is step number one.  Make sure your living environment and workspace are good.  Clean air, low stress, good lighting, etc.  Hectic, stuffy environments just will not work long-term.  Taking in fresh air, clean water, sunlight, and grounding are great foundations.  These are the basics.  

NUTRITION:  We have physical bodies guys.  We simply need good nutrition for our bodies to perform optimally.  This is like having the right parts and tools to build your house.  The directions may be great, but if the materials are not there it just doesn’t work.  Different people have slightly different “parts required.”  This may be akin to different genetics, and why people tend to do best on different diets.  Focusing on super-foods and fresh local food is best.  Fruits, vegetables, organic animal products are great.  Let your body guide you.  Cutting out the junk, as always, is a good step as well.

GOD/SOURCE:  This is a super-deep topic that is beyond the scope of this post.  Ultimately, you need to personally figure out who or what GOD means to you.  Is he a good guy?  Is he a bad guy with a whip?  Does he owe you something?  Are you thankful for him in your life?  Your view of God is HUGE in your personal life.  This may be one of the most important foundational principles to work on.

FAMILY:  Family is big as well.  Having healthy family relationships is paramount to a healthy life.  When we are running around with conflicted relationships, unresolved issues, and unspoken resentments; things don’t tend to work out too well.  Focusing on fixing these damaged or broken relationships is challenging work.  However, working on family issues is critical if you want to have solid foundations.

MOVEMENT:  Life is movement guys.  We were born to move.  Not to sit at desks all day.  We don’t need much.  Anything helps.  Light cardio, jogging, biking, swimming, kayaking, mini trampoline, strength training, hiking, walking, bodyweight stuff, whatever.  Anything you will stick to is great.

SLEEP/R&R:  Sleep is where we recover.  It is where we integrate our day.  Dreaming is where our unconscious mind comes out to play.  Are you sleeping enough?  Are you relaxing enough?  Sometimes we are relaxed but don’t get enough sleep.  Sometimes we get enough sleep but we can’t relax.  Both are foundational to health and healing.

Those are the big ones guys.  Everything else comes on top of these.  Let’s fix the foundations and build from the ground up.



Is Health Complicated or SIMPLE?

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Is being healthy really that complicated?  Or do WE make it complicated?

We are living in a world FULL of seemingly complex illnesses and health challenges.  Things like cancers, heart diseases, auto-immune issues, diabetes, etc.  These things didn’t seem to plague us so much in the past.  What is happening?  Even most natural medicine today uses piles of supplements and therapies to help us “heal” or “treat” our condition.  Take your pills in the morning, afternoon and night.  Fancy Fancy.  Doctors prescribe all kinds of pills for everything from pain to heart problems to cancers.  There are surgeries for everything as well today.  Specialists abound.  Is all of this stuff really necessary or are we somehow making it more complex than it has to be?  Before I continue, I acknowledge I am no doctor.  I understand that some conditions may warrant medical advice in certain situations; especially in acute or emergency situations.

So I would like to implement a new AND old theory of health.  Health is NATURAL.  In other words, it is not natural for us to get sick; but it is normal.  Life has existed on this planet for a very long time without the use of technology, science, and modern medicine.  Now I for one love science and technology if it is properly applied.  However, when we rely solely on our technologies and forget about our instincts and ancient wisdom; something is wrong.  Look at all the chronic illness sprouting up everywhere.  Are people really just “catching” bad bugs and coming down with this stuff?  Of course not.  In order to understand this picture we need to look from a higher viewpoint.  I am going to list the basics here.  All conditions may require a little bit different treatment approaches to fix, that I acknowledge.  However, the steps I am listing will help ALL that implement them.

FRESH AIR:  Clean oxygen.  Deep breathing preferably.  Careful with the smog in busy cities.  If you live in a city; invest in an air filter.  Get houseplants.  Stop using deodorizers and fragrances and scented candles.  This is step #1.

CLEAN WATER:  Get your water from a spring if possible.  A second choice would be using a good quality filtered water.  Tap water just won’t cut it these days.

SUNLIGHT:  Get sun on your skin.  We are mini solar-panels.  Our body can utilize this source of energy very well.  Moderation is the key here.  

GROUNDING: Get your bare feet on the ground for at least a few minutes every day.  This helps discharge electromagnetic stress and gathers free-electrons from the earth.  All of this helps regulate your energy field

MILD EXERCISE:  We were designed to move our bodies.  We need to circulate our systems.  This includes lymph and blood.  The lymph has no pump of its own and needs to be circulated.  Over-training is not recommended or needed for health.

FOOD:  We need to cut out the garbage.  Gluten, pasteurized dairy, fried foods, packaged and processed foods, SUGAR, chemicals, etc.  90% of the food at supermarkets is just disguised junk.  Keep to the perimeters when possible.  Focus on fruits, vegetables, good fats, and clean sourced meat, fish, and eggs.  Don’t overeat and don’t eat late at night.

CLEANSING:  Most of us simply need to cleanse our bodies.  We have eaten junk a lot of our lives.  We have faulty emotional blocks.  We have gunk and/or bugs in the liver and intestines.  This is unfortunately a product of your lifestyles.  It still needs addressed.  Herbs in combination with the rest of the steps will help in cleansing the body.  Occasionally, drastic flushes/cleanses may be required.

SLEEP:  This is simple.  Get enough sleep.  Preferably go to bed when the sun goes down and get up when it comes up.  10-6 is a great sleeping window.  Sleep as much as you feel like you need.  If that means 6 hours a day, great.  If that means 12, that is fine too.  You may require more sleep during times of active healing.

CHIROPRACTIC:  Fix the nervous system.  Easily overlooked.  If your body can’t communicate properly due to faulty mechanics, things will simply not be able to work and heal properly.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL:  This is probably the most overlooked step and what I see as the #1 reason people with health challenges have problems healing.  Most of this stuff goes back to childhood or things we learned in early school years.  It may even go back to before you were born and deal with ancestral issues.  The major things I have noticed?  Most of it has to do with RELATIONSHIPS.  Your relationship with your father and mother.  Your relationship with your spouse.  Your relationship with your siblings.  Your relationship with GOD.  With YOURSELF!  Having passion and fun and happiness in your life cannot be underestimated either.  You may have to dig a bit to get to the bottom of this one.  

SPIRITUAL:  Having a relationship with GOD is probably one of the most important factors in healing.  An HONEST relationship here based on humility seems to lead to the right course of action.  It may not be easy at first, but it is a light to show you the correct path.

I’m sure I am forgetting a few here but these are the basics off the top of my head.  Anybody serious about improving their health would most likely improve by leaps and bounds focusing on these factors.  Any condition will be improved by these.  There are always other factors that may need to be more specifically “targeted” for recovery.  So I guess in my mind, health is really not so complicated.  I believe that we are NATURALLY designed for health and healing.  Somehow we get in the way.  A lot of this is through mental conditioning and unhealthy attitudes towards life.  Let’s get back to the basics and make things SIMPLE again.



Detox Series: Kidneys

Kidney Security


Kidneys are filters.  They help filter and purify the body.  They are fairly delicate organs as well.  Let’s look at some primary causes why our kidneys get stuck.

CAUSES: The biggest things here would appear to be mucous forming foods.  Overly Acidic Foods.  This list would include heavily overcooked meats and eggs, fried foods, pasteurized dairy products, gluten, roasted nuts, etc.  Basically the things that our bodies really don’t have any interest in digesting in the first place.  FEAR is another cause.  In chinese medicine, the kidneys relate to the emotion of fear.  Fear dominates our society.  Financial fears, fears of losing our relationships, fears of not measuring up, fears of people finding out our secrets, fears of our lives, fear of failure.  All these fears unexpressed cause the kidneys to hold on to energy that should be flowing freely.  As usual; lack of sleep, failure to exercise and pump the body, deal with stress, etc are all going to negatively affect the kidneys.  And WATER?  Our entire bodies need water.  Not pop or milk or pasteurized fruit juices, but WATER.  Our kidneys flush our bodies with water that comes out our urinary system.  Without adequate water, there is nothing to dilute with. 

Ok.  Now that we have finished with the causes let’s look at some simple solutions here.

SIMPLE:  Fix the lifestyle.  KIDNEY improving lifestyle choices would include cutting out heavily cooked meats, fried foods, pasteurized dairy, gluten, etc.  Anything that contains a lot of hard to digest, sludgy type foods. Drink WATER.  Don’t drown yourself obviously, but drink enough water throughout the day to hydrate yourself.  Some experts recommend around half your bodyweight in ounces per day.  Go to bed on time.  Sleep enough.  Exercise enough.  PUMP the body.

MODERATE #1: JUICING AND HERBS.  I know I keep saying it, but herbs are God’s medicine.  They are not “drugs” created by scientists in lab coats.  There are several herbal formulae that can be used to help get the kidneys moving.  Most of these work on getting rid of excess grease, stagnant proteins, etc.  I would recommend something by Dr. Schulze or Andreas Moritz.  A few noteworthy herbs are PARSLEY, CILANTRO, GINGER, LEMON, etc.  Juicing vegetables and fruits also will help flush these organs out.  “Chanca Piedra,” which translates to “stone-breaker” herb has been used effectively by many people with kidney stones.  This herb helps break down kidney AND liver/GB stones and is a SUPER herb in my opinion.  Kidney cleansing is one of the simpler types of cleanses to do.

DIFFICULT: FEAR:  This is an important step here.  You must work on your mental patterns dealing with fear.  If you are constantly living in fear (especially without expressing that fear) your kidneys will be damaged or stuck for sure.  This could include living in an abusive relationship, worrying excessively about your kids or finances, fear of what other people will think about you, fear of losing your job,etc.  We need to release the fear.  Shaking is a good way to do this.  Also, choosing priorities is an excellent way to diminish fear.  There is ALWAYS a CAUSE to the fear.  It doesn’t have to be a good one.  We are all set up in this society to strive for “perfection.”  We never are good enough, etc.  This drives a very fear-based attitude that makes us afraid when we might not measure up.  Get out of the abusive relationship.  As far as job and finances go; choose to learn more about self-sustainability and skill relating to it.  When you know how to garden, hunt, fish, and survive off the land better; a lot of the fear about losing your job and financial stability will go away.  Just get to the bottom of WHY you are afraid and really be honest with yourself.  Having a spiritual practice that looks deeply inward is probably the best way to figure out why we are afraid of things and who we are.  Being HONEST and HUMBLE seem to be the most important things here.  We need to ADMIT our fears before we can clear them out.

So there is a simple list for the kidneys.  I hope it was helpful.  The kidneys seem to be a fairly simple organ to cleanse from a physical standpoint.  Lot’s of water, cut the crap food, use some herbs here and there.  The body will try to cleanse itself when we stop getting in the way.



Transitions In Health


When evolving on a healthy program it is important not to get ahead of yourself.  If you have a major illness or “disease” condition, you may be forced to jump on the wagon pretty quickly.  I’m talking about the average person.  The guy who wants to drop a few pounds.  The girl who wants more energy to enjoy life again.  Everyday Americans.  A good, health based lifestyle is the end goal but how do we get there?  Is it possible that we are BEING unhealthy trying to get healthy?

It is not very safe for your mind or your body to just cold-turkey everything.  It took quite a while to get unhealthy.  I know it is tempting to stress out and go overboard trying to “Achieve” your goal of health.  I believe however, in finding what I call “The Sweet Spot.”  What is the sweet spot?

You need to find that line between truly accepting where you are with your health while still wanting to move forward.  We can’t make much progress without accepting where we are currently.  This is the problem with our economic system right now as well but that is another story =)  For some older people, this may mean a year of making changes before achieving what you want.  It depends how long you have been choosing unhealthy habits.  It also really comes down to what choices YOU are WILLING to make now.  Some people may implement these changes over the course of a few months.  For others it may take years.  For others still, they just never quite get around to it.  We need to make our health a priority if we are going to change.  But don’t feel bad about what you are NOT doing.  Feel GOOD about what you are doing for yourself.  If you just cut out drinking soda last week altogether, don’t feel bad because you still eat gluten.  Give yourself a window to achieve your goals.  So I will quickly outline some general tips on making these changes a lot more manageable.  In America, it is hard for some of us (me) to not look at everything as a FINISH LINE or something to check off our TO-DO-LIST.  Well I will tell you something.  Health is not a “to-do list.”  It is an evolution.  It doesn’t “end.”  So the best strategy would appear to be happy that you have the opportunity to evolve physically, emotionally, and spiritually while we spend time on this planet.

1.  Create an outline of your goals:  This may include goals for weight loss, detoxification, better energy, longer life, fitness, whatever.  This could be emotional or spiritual health as well.  Your goals may even just be a sharper brain or a less risk of developing a health condition later in life.

2.  Create a realistic plan of things you can do to help you achieve these goals.  This may include changing your diet, exercising more, getting more sun and fresh air, drinking more water, having a spiritual practice, undergoing a detoxification program, seeing a therapist, etc.  Each of these topics can be further split up if you want to make a detailed plan.  Realize that when we put our thoughts to paper, they often stay on paper =)

3.  Pick something to start working on.  If you try to do it all at once, odds are that you will overwhelm yourself and not want to do any of it.  There are very complex issues in health but from experience it would seem that the basics are the most important.  What you breathe, eat, and drink have a huge impact on everything.  It will be nearly impossible to “detox” your body or evolve a sharp brain or a good spiritual practice if we are still doing the things that clog those systems.  A good first step for most American’s might be to cut out all of the junk food and drinks and start working towards a whole-foods based diet.  This means drinking clean water instead of pop, coffee, beer, and pasteurized dairy products.  Maybe your diet is locked in already.  Maybe you want to focus on spiritual health.

4.  Recruit the advice of an expert.  Not somebody to tell you what to do.  Somebody to help you design a plan.  If this involves spending a lot of money on supplements and drugs you may want to reconsider your choice.

5. STICK WITH IT!  Lifestyle changes always work, we just need to stick with them.  Reevaluate your progress every so often to see where you are.  Don’t make this an everyday thing.  Maybe work 3 months on your diet and check on the changes you have made?  If you are satisfied with your diet; maybe move on to detoxification.  Maybe move on to developing a spiritual practice.  Whatever you want.  There is no wrong way to do this.  The point is to keep moving forward, listening to our body, and evolving to become the best “US” we can be.

Remember, health is an evolution.  It is not an end-point.  By realizing and accepting this fact it is easier to mellow out on our desires and goals.  It really is possible to be healthy at any age and overcome challenges.  We are all in this together.  By healing ourselves, we give others permission to heal as well.


What Do Humans Live On ?


What do humans live on?  Well, different animals require different things.  If i was a plant, maybe i would only require sunlight, fresh air, and somewhere to hook my roots into.  If I was a lion, maybe I would indulge in a fresh kill every day.  But I am not a lion.  I am a human.  So, looking through the past; what have we subsisted on?  I’m going to try to put this in the order of most importance to least important.  These will shift sometimes depending on what needs have been satisfied already.

Let’s look at the basics first.

1. Clean Air:  You don’t get much more basic than this.  We all fuss about food a lot but in my opinion, this is far more important. Making sure your air is clean and that you are breathing deep, full breaths all day is an amazing step for health.  There is a reason most ancient healing traditions include breath work as one of their fundamentals.  If we do not achieve this first step, the others will be much harder.  We cannot live for more than a few minutes without this stuff.

2. Clean Water:  Most people don’t drink enough water.  We choose “fake drinks” such as sodas, lattes, energy drinks, pasteurized dairy, bottled fruit juices, etc.  Even the water most people drink is chemical laced tap water.  This stuff is critical.  A lot of people in the world don’t have access to good quality, clean water.  So if your spending 100$ a week on organic food, seriously consider whether you can budget 50$ for a month of high-quality spring water.  Next to fresh air, sun, and grounding, this is probably the one of the cheapest sources of health.

3. Organic Food: Note that food is #3 on my list.  Of course it is still very important to our health, but I would just like to note that numbers 1 and 2 are far more important.  Eat fresh, organic, whole foods.  Preferably locally grown.  Preferably still, grow them yourself.  This is cheaper and more sustainable.  Don’t buy into these fancy “health food products” such as bars, shakes, boxed dinners, etc.  Buy real produce, organic meats, etc.

4. Adequate Spinal/Nervous system communication.  Chiropractic can help here.  We need communication linking our brains, bodies, and nervous systems.  These also control hormones and pretty much every vital function in the body.

5. Emotional/Spiritual Health: The choices start getting tougher here for me, but I think this is next for me.  Once your basic physiological needs for survival are met, we start thinking a little more long term.  Stress is a killer, we all know that by now.  But how many of us put it into practice?  All ancient cultures have valued this work.  Shamans, holy men, counselors, Prayer, etc.  Wise peoples have always known that the mind and spirit affect our health a lot.  This is very overlooked today.  If we are not healthy mentally, energetically or spiritually, our physical health will eventually begin to suffer.  This is basically free to do on your own from a monetary standpoint.  However, good counsel, mentors, and people to share with are invaluable.  This step includes the quality of your relationships, family, friends, romance, etc.  Joy, peace, and happiness also belong here.  Many people spend their whole lives working on this.  Don’t skip this step.

6. Movement:  We need exercise.  We need to circulate our bodies.  This does not mean overtraining, getting “JACKED,” etc.  Think volume and quality over craziness here.  Things like brisk walking, light jogging, hiking, light bicycling, swimming in clean water, light calisthenics, qigong, tai-chi, kayaking, etc.  Most of the time, do not push yourself to your maximum capacity.  Allow your body to evolve how it sees fit.

7. Sunlight.  While we are not plants, we have evolved with the sun for a very long time.  There is a reason that we tend to picture tan people as “healthy” people.  Not every tan person is necessarily healthy, however on some level I think we intuitively believe this.  More and more studies are coming out showing the beneficial effects on the immune system of Vitamin D and the dangers when we lack it.  It feels good sitting in the sun.  A lot of us just have been programmed not to do it for fear of skin cancers.  Obviously, you don’t drown yourself in good drinking water.  Don’t burn yourself in the sun.  The best thing is to get a little bit a day.  If you are light skinned you may need 10 minutes.  If dark skinned, maybe 15-20.

8. Grounding.  Like the sun, we evolved with this just as the other animals.  The earth has its own electrical charge to it.  Every other animal walks barefoot.  Birds attach to trees, plants, etc.  Things in the oceans and rivers are connected to it through the water.  When we wear footwear all day, it limits our connectivity to the earth.  This is a relatively unknown field but I’m sure as the science catches up, we will find out more about this.  I’m not advocating going barefoot everywhere.  Just sit outside with your feet on the grass for 20-30 minutes each day.  Read a book, write in a blog, relax with friends or family, whatever.  This discharges EMF radiation, decreases inflammation in your body, and helps realign your electrical system after being with computers, cellphones, and wireless networks all day.

So these are my 8 steps.  These are the main things humans live on.  All of them pump energy into our bodies.  So my goal here is to get people to see that there is a lot more than what we eat going on here.  There is a lot more than exercise or sunlight.  We function optimally when we utilize all of these things.  We are meant to have all of these things.  They each offer slightly different types of energy for the human body.  When you put them together, you give the body, mind, and spirit everything that it wants.  And it appears that when you give the body everything it wants, it does an amazing job of being healthy in all areas of life.  Go figure =)


Is Your Life Station Healthy?

Center for Wooden Boats


Is your life station(s) healthy?  What do I mean by life station?  This could be where you work, play, sleep, or hang out.  Wherever you spend a good chunk of your time.  This is a much overlooked topic that people seem to not be aware of.  Our environment affects us 24 hours a day.  The things that are going on outside are going to affect the way the inside functions as well.  So a typical environment in a big city may include smog, loud noises everywhere, chemically laced water, EMF fields everywhere, not much access to sun, etc.  This is something that will affect everybody whether we like it or not.  Light is another one.  We evolved with the darkness.  Our bodies are designed to produce a different set of (healing) hormones at night than during the daylight hours.  When we do not shut off the TV/computer, see lights from outside, or get up in the night and flash the bathroom light, we turn off these hormones.  Many would be “joggers” in cities are sucking up exhaust-filled air on busy streets.  This is far from healthy.  This is not to diss cities, It is just harder to control your station there.  If your environment or station is a stressful one, it will be damaging your well-being also.  Living in a bad or abusive relationship, having a boss who is breathing down your neck every day, working with people you can’t stand.  All these create negative environments that cause us to live in stress and not in relaxation.  So what can we do about all this?  Luckily there are some very simple, practical solutions to addressing most of these problems.  I will outline a few of the more basic ones.

-Fresh Air: You survive a few minutes without oxygen, don’t be sucking up fumes.  People spend way more time thinking about the quality of their food and water when air is ultimately the most important nutrient for humans.  Breathing clean air every day will greatly help your health.  Open the windows as much as possible when the weather is nice.  Cross-ventilate your home/work space.  Even in the winter, try to open them for at least a few minutes to get some clean air in your place.  If you live in a city, the best option is really a good air filter/purification system.  This will at least filter some of the city air.  Houseplants are amazing at cleaning the air.  They actually neutralize a lot of toxins and produce clean air for you.  They also add color and life to your place which has been shown to improve your mood.

-Clean Water:  Watch out for city/tap water.  It has chemicals you don’t want in your body.  If you have access to it, go for a good quality spring water.  If not, Opt for a good quality water filter.  Install a shower filter in the bathroom so you are not absorbing the stuff through the skin in your hot shower.

-Sunlight/Darkness: Sun in general is great for people.  We evolved with it.  More and more evidence is mounting about the health benefits of the sun.  So make sure you are not living and working isolated from that.  Let some light in through the windows.  At best, working outside sometimes is great.  Exercising outdoors is also good, as long as the air is clean.  Make sure that you block out most light at night.  Try turning off the computer/TV an hour before you try to sleep.

-EMF’s:  This is a very challenging subject of which I plan on posting about in the near future.  We live in a technological age.  We are learning about how to create wireless technologies faster than we are learning how to control them.  These fields affect you 24 hours a day.  Our bodies were not designed to be in these for long periods of time.  Even in smaller cities, you may have up to 20 wireless networks affecting you at any one time.  In big cities, the levels are skyrocketing.  I heard that these fields are doubling every two years.  We do not know the effects of long-term exposure to these fields.  So try to be very careful with wireless technologies and take adequate steps to protect yourself.  Don’t carry your cellphone in your pocket.  Don’t talk on it unless you have to.  Switch to a landline instead.  Try to spend more time away from these things.  There are a few other basic steps you can take.  Make sure you are sleeping away from plugged in appliances.  Don’t sleep with your phone, computer, radio, etc.  Turn your wireless network off at night.  Use headsets instead of directly talking into the cellphone.  “GROUND” yourself.  This is done by putting your bare feet onto the Earth.  This discharges/protects us from the EMF fields.  You can also get grounding mats that basically bring that same energy indoors.  There are also pendants that somewhat protect you from these fields.  This topic is a big one and one that is sure to attract growing attention in the coming years.

-Stress: Try to avoid being in stressful environments.  Really work on fixing your relationships if you can.  It is worth the time and effort.  Figure out why your boss keeps harassing you.  If it continues, work on finding another job.  If you don’t feel safe where you live now because of crime, assault, etc; then move to a different location.  These factors are always impacting us.

-Color/Richness: Finally, add some color to your life.  Don’t live in a dull, gray apartment.  Put some color and your own personal touch to the place.  Get a piece of artwork.  Rearrange your space every once in awhile.  Play some good music or have good smelling food cooking in the kitchen.  Houseplants and animals can really help a place feel like home as well.  Be careful to keep your pet clean as well if he lives inside.

We want to LIKE where we live.  This is a normal part of being human.  I think a lot of us are taught to just accept what we get.  I read in a magazine once where they polled people on where they would choose to live in a dream house.  Almost everybody polled read something like this:

“I picture a place on some elevated land overlooking a body of water.  The air is clean.  There are a lot of trees and plants everywhere.  I can relax.”

Nobody said I want to live in a crowded box.  We need to start giving ourselves permission to make the changes in our lives that we really want to make.  Don’t settle for good enough.  So get out there and Create somewhere you LOVE being.